Playoff Views

The Cavs and the Spurs made quick work of their opponents. Credit to the Pistons and the Grizzlies who fought hard and competed, but they were outmatched talent wise. Rockets lost to the Curryless Dubs and now are down 3-1, maybe not to their disadvantage (remember last year) Thunder are up 3-1 against the Mavs, … Continue reading Playoff Views

Game 2’s…(4/18/16)

Appetizer: Tibs wants full control of the Wolves Tom Thibodeau is intersested in the Timberwolves head coaching job, If he gets full control of basketball operations. The young Wolves can use nothing more than a great defensive coach and a smart basketball mind. Please hire Tibs. EntrĂ©e: The Playoff’s resume today with game two’s. Warriors, … Continue reading Game 2’s…(4/18/16)

We’re Finally Here.

Playoffs are here. Finally. Even though I was wrong about Houston (Utah got robbed), I’m still looking forward to the playoffs. That being said, this weekends playoff games were sad. With only 3/8 being decent games to watch, and only one being really close, it was a bad showing of game 1’s. 5 teams lost … Continue reading We’re Finally Here.